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Over-The-Top Dessert Stations

A “Bite” of History

Chocoloate Fondue Station

The origin for the word “dessert” goes back to the old French term “desservir”, which means to clear the table and to serve. However, dessert and the art of making desserts are most likely as old as any procedures for preparing food. For example, pies originated as a dessert in the Neolithic period around 9500 BC. Early Egyptians were the first who used advanced methods in baking cakes, and ice cream was invented around the 4th century BC.

Let’s jump forward a few thousand years to today and you might already have experienced that the “one dessert at a time” concept is completely passé. What began as a trend at expensive weddings a few years ago, is now a must for weddings, receptions and other events where food is offered. Entertaining expert, baking and crafting stylist Amy Atlas, also known as “The Sweets Stylist”, is internationally recognized for creating stylized dessert tables and stations. This trend of over-the-top dessert stations is hot and not likely to disappear soon.

But Where to Start?

If you’re planning a wedding, a great place to start is with the couple’s favorite desserts. For example, if a couple really enjoys ice cream, an ice cream sundae bar with all of their favorite toppings creates a memorable and delicious event. The more interactive the menu, the better!

Here are some other over-the-top dessert ideas we helped planning:

  • Incorporating the couples favorite colors into the mini-desserts (white chocolate and frostings can be colored however you like)
  • Adding root beer floats for a dessert table (the grooms favorite)
  • Including a gourmet Starbucks coffee bar with flavored syrups, whipped cream & candy sprinkles (perfect for couples who like to spend time together at Starbucks)
  • Pairing a signature cocktail with desserts, served from glass pitchers for a casual feel

For best results and most fun for the attending guests, work closely together with your caterer to design your favorite over-the-top dessert station. If they don’t provide dessert catering themselves, most caterers have partners that they work with, such as bakeries or dessert shops. Let your caterer assist with the coordination of any partners in order to assure that these providers are reputable as well as to coordinate the event set up and timing.

Not for Weddings Only

Over-the-top dessert stations are also a big hit with menus for corporate events, school events, and church events as well. The interaction is a major benefit for any group event.

Dessert parties are also an incredible bargain and can be packaged starting at only a few dollars per person.

We Recommend:

  • Create a dessert table or station around something that inspires you and your guests. A creatively and lovingly designed dessert table tells a story of its own about the event and is not only functional any more but becomes part of the design.
  • Pick beautiful linens and unique vessels that match your desserts and support your theme. But remember, your desserts are the stars, so don’t try to outdo your sweets by your decoration.
  • Always sample the dessert selection before the event. A beautiful cake may not always be the best-tasting cake. Pick desserts that look good together and provide a balance for your guests’ different tastes.
  • Provide goody bags. Treat your guests back for the time they are spending with you and offer some goody bags with mini-desserts to take home and as a reminder of how sweet the day was. Ask your caterer to provide some creative packing ideas for your goody bags.
Mini-Dessert Displays

For some delicious dessert station ideas, have a look at our dessert menu or check out our dessert shop Sweet Shoppe.

Call our experts at (972) 437-1466 and let us help you to plan your next outstanding catering event!


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