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Special Dietary Requests

Assorted Allergy FoodAs a meeting planning expert for your organization, you are responsible for scheduling meeting rooms, handling transportation needs, ordering the catering and whatever other details are required for successful events.

You probably have noticed that more and more attendees demand special menu items to accommodate food allergies or sensitivities. More importantly, you need to determine if your caterer offers food selections that meet those special dietary demands.

Here are the most common types of special dietary demands.

A catering company with a good menu selection should be able to offer you a number of hot and cold vegetarian menu items. This includes dedicated vegetarian meals as well as modifications made to existing meals to make them more vegetarian friendly. Royal Catering offers a special vegetarian menu and will work with you if you need changes for other menu options to make them vegetarian friendly.

Besides excluding meats, a vegan diet also excludes eggs, dairy products or any other food that comes from animals (i.e. broth). Vegan menu options containing no meat or other animal products will be far fewer than for vegetarian requests. However, your caterer should have some suggestions for vegan menu items.

Nut Allergies
When there are meeting attendees with nut allergy, let your caterer know and request that they serve only items on your buffets that exclude the allergen.

Gluten Free/Gluten Friendly
More and more people are requesting "gluten free". It is important to note that ordering food from a caterer or restaurant almost always includes a small risk of gluten cross-contamination.

Royal Catering offers a gluten friendly menu where most items on this menu are prepared to be gluten free. However, these items are not necessarily 100% gluten free. Because most Royal Catering menu items are made from scratch, minimal cross-contact with allergens can occur. For any attendees with severe gluten intolerance, separate gluten free meal boxes should be available.

Kosher Style
Kosher style food is not kosher but is a type of food that could be kosher. It does not contain pork products or shellfish or both meat and milk. Menus fitting this profile are plentiful so just let your caterer know if this is important to you.

If you need to order a kosher meal for one of your guests, check with your caterer to see if they have a relationship with a kosher restaurant. If so, they should be able to pick up the kosher meal for you and deliver it with the rest of your order. Key Point: Kosher meals must be picked up, transported and delivered in a sealed container which may be opened only by the recipient.

Heart Healthy
A dedicated caterer should have an extensive selection of heart healthy entrées, sides, salad dressings and desserts. These items are wonderful tasting options for everyone to enjoy so be sure to include heart healthy m in your menu mix.

Royal Catering offers a great selection of heart healthy menu items that include the entire spectrum from breakfast, entrées, sandwiches, and Executive Day Packages over to box lunches, a heart healthy Holiday Turkey Buffet and smart, healthy dessert choices.

Have your caterer include table tents noting specific items meeting special dietary needs on your buffets. This just takes out the guesswork. Also, request that any special boxed meals be labeled with the recipient’s name to ensure that no one else takes the meal by mistake.

Once you have communicated the special dietary needs for your events to your caterer, you can relax and focus on other things. Hire a professional catering company that is focused on meetings, training classes and the other types of events that you organize. They should be a resource and make your job easier!


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