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How About Some Office Halloween Fun?

Halloween parties have become very common and offer a opportunity to have some fun and bonding at work. Employers, especially those in companies with high demands and expectations, find that Halloween events are a great way to reduce employee stress and inject fun into the workplace. Any company looking to foster a positive company culture would do well to observe Halloween.

Party Planning Tips

E-mail invitations to the staff inviting them to the office Halloween party. Come up with a fun theme that is associated with your company (for example, "The Verizon Ghouls and Goblins Party"). Make sure that the office party is either at the end of the day or during the lunch hour so that everyone can attend.

On Halloween, decorate the break room, or room where the party will be held, with cobwebs, Halloween decorations, fake spiders and portable strobe lights to set the mood. Set up a food and drinks table and put on a music mix CD. This CD should have popular music as well as Halloween hits like "Monster Mash."

Recruit helpers. Remember — this is about teamwork. It’s important to include others and minimize the amount of work time you spend decorating the office. Your company’s human resources or communications departments are a good place to recruit helpers, but anyone with a desire to help will prove useful.

Trick or Treat Parade — Halloween is, first and foremost, a holiday for the children. Your company may want to consider inviting employees to bring their children to work for a costume parade. Nothing helps employees let their hair down and have fun at work like bringing their children to the office. Having kids in the office brings fun and laughter to a setting that could use often time more of both. It also recognizes the families of your employees and promotes your company’s commitment to employees and their families. Ensure that plenty of candy is on hand to reward the trick or treaters.

Decorating Contest — Nothing tests the creativity of your company’s personnel like a good old fashioned Halloween decoration contest. Making sure the rules are established, approved and publicized well in advance of the contest, allow employees to use a pre-determined amount of time to decorate their group areas in a manner reflective of Halloween. What the employees come up with tells you something about the people in the group. How well they do it says a lot about their team spirit. Keep an eye out for the informal leaders who emerge during the process.

Costume Contest — Establish all rules well in advance of the contest. Make sure the rules are approved by management. We recommend adopting a minimum clothing requirement to avoid watching an employee marching through your contest wearing only a diaper and a smile. Set up and publish the contest rules, including categories. You may want to have separate contests for teams and for individuals. Award prizes for best, most original, and scariest costume. To tie in the company setting, you can award a prize to the contestant whose costume best captures the company spirit.

Keep it all professional — and optional. Above all other considerations you must remember that your office is a place of business. Any observance of Halloween must therefore be kept on a professional level.











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